New New York Sewers


New New York Sewers are a damp, dark place like one would expect. There are several small towns and a giant toilet that leads to the Sub-sewers.

Beneath the streets of New New York, woven among the ruins of Old New York, lie an endless labyrinth of sewers. Home to the Sewer Mutants, the sewers are a bit more metropolitan than in the 20th century. The mutants who live there have built their own city. Aside from the smell, and the inability to see the sky, and the unusually large number of dry cleaners, it's not that different from any other city. Some claim that in the sub-sewers below NNY's sewers there lives a race of hideous sub-mutants, but most dismiss this as a sub-urban legend.

The Sub-sewer is the sewer underneath the sewer. It is accessible via a giant toilet in the sewer; the El Chupanibre is flushed down it. Some claim that in the sub-sewers, there are a race of hideous sub-mutants. Most dismiss this as a sub-urban legend.

Places of interest

  • Lake Mutagenic
  • Stenchy's Mutant Café
  • Bed, Bath and Beneath
  • Big Mutant Boy's
  • Starbucks