Mars Vegas

Mars Vegas2
Mars Vegas

Mars Vegas is the martian Las Vegas with everything the real Las Vegas has: casinos, expensive hotels, night clubs and roller coasters.

The new Mars Vegas is bigger than the old one, with the same stuff but better. It's slogan is, "What you don't know about your bedspread won't hurt you".

It was destroyed and rebuilt by the Wong family, because it was though to be too small. It now has "bathtubs the size of oceans," and "hookers the size of bouncers."


Places of interest

  • Botany Bay
  • Buggalo Bill's
  • Bungo
  • Excalibot
  • Miragio
  • Oasis Hotel
  • Su¢ker
  • Venutian
  • Wong Hotel & Casino


  • Roller coaster
  • Pedestrian mall (similar to Fremont Street)
  • Wongminster Miniature Golf Club