Madreigal - Belle
Madreigal Unit
Nanny Bot
Basic Information
Birth date November 18 (Leah Detweiler's 5th birthday)
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye Color Customizable
Hair Color White (Customizable)
Occupation Madreigal Unit (Presidential)
Marital Status Single
Family Detweiler (Employers/Human family)
Home The White House, Washington, D.C.


Madreigal is a Robot, her metal coating is painted in a fine iridescent coat that was meant to be appealing to children, she was given curly white human hair that if cut must be replaced as it cannot and does not grow naturally, her human-like eyes appear grey but have the option of being customized.


Madreigal was a Nanny bot. She was upgraded by Leah and her friend Kanna personally, her main function was to provide what ever Leah may have needed during her childhood. She is very kind, and protective, now that Leah is an adult and no longer in need of a nanny or guardian, Madreigal has been 'enhanced' and in the process she has become semi-sentient.


Madreigal was born to Bot #87593 (Father) and Bot #87590 (Mother) she is their 4502nd child (Madreigal Unit 4502). She progressed like the average Bot, her programming was developed and she became fully functioning  Robot. Madreigal was meant to be a Nanny Bot, she has a hardwired knowledge of musical instruments and various dance styles to entertain. After her program was debugged Madreigal units were advertised, only the rich and powerful were ever able to afford this type of bot.

The Detweiler family had Madreigal commissioned for Leah when she was young. She was built as a Nanny Bot, to perform parental unit tasks and keep Leah entertained, when her mother and father were not around. She was built to function as a Robot babysitter or guardian. As Leah aged Madreigal became more and more obsolete, Leah loved Madreigal and did want her to be scraped, a friend of Leah's who was a hacker, Kanna and her family had been running an illegal robo chop shop under the guise of Robo repair/pawn shop for a long time.

Leah and Kanna decided to give their old friend an upgrade. Madreigal has had the majority of her old and outdated software removed and replaced with newer, current information and some brand new software. She was even given her a few weapons, nothing too lethal a few lasers concealed in her arms. Madreigal stills acts as a guardian to Leah but in public she functions as the obsolete Nanny Bot that she is believed to be.

This character belongs to Belle Linda