Luna Park

Luna Park

The Luna Park is a theme park that is on the moon of Earth. Since it is on the moon, it is inside a giant orb to keep oxygen inside. It is like most modern-day theme parks with rides and stalls to win and buy things.

Lunar Park's mascot is Craterface.

  • Bumper cars
  • Receiving Depot
  • Moon Street U.S.A.
  • Souvenir stand
  • Whalers on the Moon
  • Goofy Gopher Revue (presented by the "Monsanto Corporation")
  • Luna Rover ride
  • Arcade
  • Orlon Candy stand


  • Skeeball
  • Virtual Skeeball
  • Virtual Virtual Skeeball
  • Mortal Kooperation
  • Gender-neutral Pac-Person
  • Dodecapede


(OOC: message me if you would like to RP Luna Park Staff characters.)

Luna Park Staff