Democratic Order of Planets

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DOOP or the Democratic Order of Planets is a confederation of planetary states who pool their military and political resources while largely retaining their unique culture or societies.


DOOP has a large military force that polices the space of its member states. Among its assets are a large number of soldiers and a fleet of ships, which are used to defend its members from attack and to defeat their enemies. The military seems to be similar to that of the UN is that it is composed of the militaries of its member planets rather than having a single, unified force. Earth seems to be one of the largest contributors in the DOOP military. The flagship of the fleet, the Nimbus, formerly commanded by Zapp Brannigan, is stationed on Earth, though it often travels to other places in the universe during the course of its duties.

Known Military Operations

  • Defense of the Octillian system from Killbots: DOOP victory, with heavy casualties.
  • Defense of Earth from the Omicronian invasion: DOOP defeat.
  • Operations against Eden 7, culminating in the carpet bombing of that planet: DOOP victory.
  • War against the Pacifists of the Gandhi Nebula: DOOP victory.
  • Campaign against the Retiree People of the Assisted Living Nebula: DOOP victory.
  • War against the Spheron I: DOOP victory
  • Defense of Earth from the Decapodian invasion: DOOP defeat.
  • War for Tarantulon 6: DOOP victory.
  • Battle to retake Earth from the Scammers: DOOP victory.
  • Campaign against the Anomaly: unclear results.
  • Operations against the Eco-Feministas: DOOP victory.

Known Military Personnel

  • Zapp Brannigan: 25-Star General, (Former) Captain of The Nimbus
  • Lieutenant Kif Kroker: (Former) First Officer on The Nimbus, Personal Assistant of Zapp Brannigan.


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