Crimson Jeltsje Pike

Crimson Pike, CJ is a Mutant born and raised in the New New York Sewers - Sewer City. She lives with her husband Finch, their son Falcon, and her father-in-law Slate.
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Basic Information
Birth date July 5th (19 years old)
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Red
Occupation Chef
Marital Status Married
Family Finch (Husband)

Falcon (Son)

Tyson (Father)

Rouxbie (Mother)

Home Sewer City, New New York Sewers


CJ is a full Mutant, she is very obviously a Mutant. CJ has ruddy brownish red skin, bright, burning, hazel eyes, and red hair. She had was born to two mutants, who were born to Mutants, both CJ's parents are the exact same shade of red that she, and most of her family are similar variations of this Crimson color. This lending to her name Crimson Jeltse which means everlasting (purplish) red. CJ is of average height with a curvy build, she has put on a bit of weight carrying her first child but she carries it well.


CJ is not herself as of late. She is very unpredictable, that could be due to hormones. She is with child and her personality seems a bit altered. She is normally very sweet, loving, bubbly and outgoing, since learning of her pregnancy she is bitter, ruthless, aggressive, sharp tongued, very crass, thickheaded, and foul mouthed. She does from time to time ease into her old self and for short whiles display the attitude her family is more used to.


CJ was born in Sewer City 19 years ago on July 5th to Rouxbie and Tyson Jeltsje. CJ is an only child, her mother and father were never able to have another after her. She was raised very strictly, although in the Sewers. Tyson and Rouxbie didn't think they deserved to be treated like they were not equal to Humans, they raised their daughter to be very proud of herself, and to have confidence in every decision she makes.

CJ went to the local Sewer City school where she met Finch, they were friends before they were anything more. Finch was complaining about his mother one day venting about the relationship between his parents, when CJ kissed him. She could tell he was getting fed up, she had no idea what she should say in the situation. Her parents were happily married, the picture of perfect. When CJ kissed Finch he stopped blathering and simply asked her "What took you so long?" before he kissed her back. CJ and Finch are a very happy couple, she is the mother to his son and his first love.

A pure and proud born mutant CJ is not like her husband Finch, he is part human. Her always praised mother and father, Rouxbie and Tyson do believe the union offers, by extension privileges that they would not be offered otherwise.

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