Character Creation

Ready to create your character? Well, Do you know what you want to be? By that I mean species, you can choose from Human, Mutant, Robot various Aliens or a Clone. Your Character CANNOT be related in any way to characters from the show.  So, creating characters is a lot of fun, but you are expected to know at least some basic info about who you are making. Character Pages should look similar to Betony Reveka or Finch Pike
SUBMIT YOUR CHARACTERS for Character Approval

Think about the character you are creating. WHO are they?

What do they like? What do they hate? Do they have any living family members? Were they ever in a Cryogenic Freezing Chamber? Do they have a job? Where did/do they live?

  • Don't write a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense but looks really really long.
  • Don't write a sentence for each subject and expect for your page to continue to exist

(That might work but it might not)

If you are unsure about a few things write WIP (Work In Progress) or place this template on the top of the page

{{Tabs |tab1 = WIP}}

NOTE: WIP Pages WILL be looked over often for additional content.

Describe what your character looks like and possibly how they like to dress opposed to just posting a photo. Characters should be described; Skin, eyes, hair and facial features. Tattoos and/or birthmarks if applicable.

Photos are great but if you are using a Real Life person stick to just your character, DO NOT post a photo of every member of the family unless you have used a doll creator.