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Betony Reveka
Full Name Betony Calfuray Reveka
Pronunciation BEH-Tow-Niy
Meaning Of the Vettones, good for the head, herb
Gender Female
Species Alien/Neptunian
Home Her apartment

New New York

User Fae


Betony was born in New New York on June 8th to Narcyz and Zedong Reveka. She is the younger sister of Yerazig Reveka. Betony was born and raised on the planet Earth, her family often goes back to Neptune to visit family. Betony is not like other Neptunians and does not appreciate the difference in appearance. When Betony was at the age of 8, a group of human boys mad fun of her pig-like nose, that was when she decided she longer wanted to look like other Neptunians.

She started binding her 3rd and 4th arms and until she could find a better replacement, and she wore a large, puffy scarf that covered her nose. Her father, Zedong noticed her binding her arms and he was upset at first. For a long time her just let her pretend in public and be normal at home. Her mother spoke with her and agreed that when Betony was old enough, if she still felt they same way a permanent solution would be found. When she was 19 she had plastic surgery, preformed by her father.

Zedong removed Betony's nose, leaving something that can only be seen on a microscopic level and he removed her third and fourth arms. He does not approve of the work he has done to his daughter, but it was what Betony wanted and he could not refuse her choice despite not agreeing with it. Betony is very proud of her new looks and does very little to hide herself now. She even began dating human boys who found her purple skin interesting. Her family does not know that she lies and tells human boys she is a Mutant.


She is kind of arrogant despite her past insecurities, she sees her self as an average Earthican, she is friendly to people if she thinks they can help her attain higher social standing. Her goal in life is to be a socialite, she likes to be seen. even if the moment is not the most flattering light to be seen in. Betony believes that people talking about you is better than people not knowing who you are.


Betony is Neptunian and was born with the common features of her species. She, however did not appreciate these inherited features of a pig-like nose or four arms, and has had them surgically removed. She now has almost no nose and a very normal amount of arms, She has big brown hair and beady black eyes. She still has purple, skin the one feature she was not ashamed of. Betony likes to dress like a teenager, She wears skinny jeans and lots of bright graphic tee shirts, she often wears heels and occasionally even tennis shoes.

Betony Reveka Betony Reveka2

Eye Colour   Black
Hair Colour   Brown
Skin Colour   Purple
Height   5'6
Weight   8.7 stone
Native Language   Neptunian
Species   Neptunian
Languages Spoken   English & Neptunian
Clothing Style   Spunky-Dressy
Shoe Size   6