Amber Seraeson

Amber Lyce Seraeson, Amber is a clone, around 6 months old but has the physique and other features of the girl she was cloned from. She does go simply by her name, which means 'bright sky warrior'

Basic Information
Birth date July 12(6 mths old, physically 19)
Gender Female
Species Human/Mutant
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Occupation -
Marital Status Single, and intends to stay so
Family n/a
Home New New York


Amber is slim, a redhead, and very lanky. She has freckles and one small moon shaped scar on her forehead. She prefers to hide this with her longish fringe. She wears casual clothes like tshirts and trousers.


Amber is very calm and caring, accepting that she will not live as long as most. Despite her friendly nature she is a loner, spat at and called the copy of a mutant. She is very sensitive and lives quietly with the Seraesons, putting up a façade. Mr.Seraeson, or 'Andrew' as Amber calls him, spoils Amber rotten. She lets him, not wanting to be rude.


Before the beginning of Amber's life, Mr Seraeson had a mutant daughter Ruby, who was slowly dying mysteriously. Amber, unbeknownst to her even existence, was still in a 'capsule' a clone of Ruby as a teenager- Mr Seraeson wanted a little more time with his 'daughter' after her death, so hence the idea of Amber replacing her was first planned.

Amber had the extra arms removed, allowing her to look perfectly normal- and her eyes toned down to a tired grey. When Ruby finally breathed her last breath, Amber's eyes softly opened, carefully surveying the place around her.

Unlike normal humans she hurled herself into fluent English, not needing the baby talk stage, jabbering away to her adoptive father like she knew him well. She suggested the name Amber because of the golden sky above in her first moments.

Amber is still shy of her first year of life, but she acts like a teen already- always the optimist though, although this may have been inherited from the original body.

Amber was enhanced in intelligence and speed by Mr.Seraeson, even though she does not know it as it was done. Her oblivious view on the matter is that she was born that way and she likes it.

She was Mr.Seraeson's money owner, wearing neon trainers and taking part in running to bring back the money, although again she does not know his motives, and claims inadvertently that she does not need or frankly want to learn them.

It has been confirmed she will live to thirty, slowly fading from 26 onwards until she dies like the girl she was cloned from.

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