Aldrin's Gulch

Aldrin's Gulch
Aldrins gulch town jail

Aldrin's Gulch is a small, Western style town located on the Moon.

The town of Aldrin's Gulch is fairly unmodern. It is an old western style town but it is still considered a big city by those living on the countryside, such as in the hydroponic farm. It is apparently named after astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The town is entirely enclosed in a glass dome, it keeps the artificial air inside for the towns people to breathe without the need of space suits. The town contains many stores, a saloon, and a town jail protected by the Sheriff.

Aldrin's Gulch Town Jail is the town jail of Aldrin's Gulch. The Sheriff is the only known man to work in the jail, and there has only been one known criminal.


(OOC: message me if you would like to RP the Sheriff or a captive Criminal.)

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