Albern Heights Residential Floors

Residential Floor

If you lived here ... you would have some nice options.

The topmost floors, the Residential Floors are the number of floor housing Albern Residents from Level 1 - to the (occupied) Penthouse at the top of the building. This floor has access the Tube Transport hub in the Lobby and direct (one way) access to the public.

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Albern ResidentsEdit

OOC:To list a resident link to the character's page [[Character Name]] and link to their room.
Example: Madreigal - The Penthouse

(OOC: Chief of Security Nolan Richards is a playable character for any registered user.)
{{Albern||Security Guard= "Nolan's message."}}

Security Guard - Nolan Richards

Security -Albern Heights Security Cheif
Nolan Richards

"Good day." He gave a nod.