Chef's Grounds

Chef's Grounds2

If you lived here ... your table would be waiting.

The Chef's Grounds simply put is a restaurant. It is a large section of the building where enmasse Albern Residents can comfortably enjoy any meal they could think of, that could be enjoyed in their homes, made by Chef Mattaya Eddab or Chef Ari Hummel for the very same price, their rent.

(OOC: Albern Chef's Mattaya and Ari are playable characters for any registered user.)
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Chef - Mattaya Eddab

Mattaya Eddab -Chef's Grounds - Master Executive Chef
Chef Mattaya Eddab

"Did you enjoy your meal?"
Head Chef - Ari Hummel

Ari Hummel -Chef's Grounds - Sous-Chef de Cuisine
Chef Ari Hummel

"I hope everything was to your liking."